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ECNR.solutions is a platform for brain research in which we conduct workshops and mastermind training sessions. 

The Plan intends to find scientific research that will benefit human beings in new types of cures with innovative and entrepreneurial biomedical technologies: electro-encephalography and the near-infrared spectroscopy imaging. We also investigate the use of music and musical stimuli for educational and therapeutic purposes.

We have been developing Neurobek, a system used to produce multi-regional information concerning qEEG and the oxygenation volume of the blood in the brain. 
64 channel QEEG/ERPs
48 channel NIRS
Sixteen physiological input channels for other modalities such as EOG, EKG, EMG, SCR, etc.

We designed an immersion coaching program to help people reach and maintain their ideal weight in 12 weeks (even if they feel like there’s no hope).

We help people to optimize brain function, and to increase energy.
We produce measurable results.
We look forward to helping You get fit: Mind, Body, Emotions.

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