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Neuroscience Models of Obesity: ponderal neurobiological regulation


It is a kind of natural biological regulation of “body weight” also known as “Ponderal regulation”.


A simple system is proposed to the general public, requiring a minimum of instrumental support, in which a subject can operate alone, whether or not he is under the surveillance of a monitor or a therapist.

In psychophysiology practice, the majority of the physical variables employed were: heat, temperature, speed, pressure, force, etc. 


We retain here the variable “weight” like size physics inserted in a bioregulation’s loop. This one must help the subject to control its weight problem.


This is so that, thinking about individual personal weight the saying goes:


                                           “You are what you eat!”


which we understood as “you weigh what you eat”.


We explore the use of body weight. This might be used as a way to combat weight gain, a pressing social issue.


Ponderal neurobiological regulation is an active method, to supervise and modify body weight by biological natural regulation, a new behavior, adapted to each case, simple to understand and apply, flexible, which considers the way of life in company of others, but strict as to following the basic rules, a help with the weight decrease and its control. 


To weigh the pounds which we must weigh eliminates a certain number of immediate or future dangers: 

  • the fatigue of the heart and/or the cardiovascular system,

  • the overload of the vessels in lipids or usable deposits,

  • the accumulation of body fat,

  • a shortened life expectancy.



Functional Ponderal Neurobiological Regulation


The more overweight, the higher the risk becomes. 





Who can benefit from ponderal neurobiological regulation?

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  • To understand compulsive behaviors as manifested in a range of addictions. 

  • To understand how problems in development contribute to eating disorders.

  • To weight decrease and its control

  • To explore the use of body weight in relation to the daily food ratio

  • To pinpoint the regulation of eating behavior

  • To combat weight gain with motivation



Frequently People said about the ECNR 



“I want to get healthy.”


“I can say without any doubt: IT WORKS.” 


“Weight is much easier to measure than calories.” 


“Ponderal neurobiological regulation program is not a regimen, it’s only a question of being or of becoming very conscious of the weight of what one eats, and to connect this weight to the pounds that one weighs.” 


“Wow! Unbelievable!”


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