Biopensum Coherence


What is Biopensum Coherence?  A neuroscientific model of eating disorders.

Biopensum (from the Latin "pendere" = weight) is a proven method of helping to lose weight and control it.

Coherence (from the Latin cohaerere, to bind, consistency) refers to the unity of isolated elements in a superordinate whole.

For scientists, the term coherence should replace that of homeostasis. At the level of an organism, it is the set of parameters that must remain constant or adapt to specific needs, such as body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, or heart rate.

The "Biopensum Coherence" program does not concern diets. It is only a question of being or becoming acutely aware of the weight of what you eat, and of relating this weight to the pounds you weigh. So you can reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Most of the diets proposed for losing weight are based partly on nutritional analysis, that is to say on the nature of food, their energy value, and especially the calculation of their calories. For these many proposals, bodyweight is not used as a means of progress, but only as a result. The difference in practical complication is significant if you measure the weight of your body, or even also the total weight of your food ration, or if you calculate the caloric value of each of the dishes that compose it.

Biopensum Coherence helps everyone lose weight and stay in shape for the rest of your life.

In this weight regulation model, the emphasis is on the weight of the individual, and the food ration.
The Biopensum Coherence program aims to lead you to step by step through a series of simple daily actions and continuous progress, each of which has in itself only a limited ambition. All of these advances will make you reach or regain your fitness weight in a maximum of five to eight weeks, depending on your initial excess weight, then help you, above all, to keep and stabilize it through a necessary period of support and consolidation. The latter will be as long and user-friendly as it will take for you to acquire this second nature finally: that of light, dynamic person, physically capable of all the behaviors envied in others. However, it requires your sincere and wholehearted adherence, a sustained effort. But, it is for you that you will make this effort. And as you well know, nobody can do it for you. Expenses envisaged elsewhere are limited to the maximum. They will be more than offset by savings on food.

Did you know?

The more your body gains weight, the more your brain decreases.

Obesity is a plague, the cause of many diseases we could avoid if we stop eating and drinking things that are not good for health. 

To weigh the pounds which we must weigh eliminates a certain number of immediate or future dangers: 
- The fatigue of the heart and/or the cardiovascular system,
- The overload of the vessels in lipids or usable deposits,
- The accumulation of body fat,
- A shortened life expectancy
- Stroke,
- Type 2 diabetes,
- Certain cancers,
- Depression,
- Alzheimer’s disease.

To lose weight, the body part you need to change first is not your belly nor your thighs, but your brain!

By optimizing your brain function, your body reacts magnificently.  

You need a plan. We provide coherence Biopensum, a proven program based on changing your brain chemistry


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